Converting “Prospects” to “Leads” and on to “Paying customers” is a process that can derive lot of value from “Singolar”  Artificial Intelligence whose capabilities in this area include:

  • Understanding the behavioral and non behavioral factors at real time to score every “Prospect” / “Lead” for probabilities of conversion.  
  • Suggesting interventions in the form of campaigns, other marketing actions to keep steering the acquisition process in the right direction
  • Automatically measuring the effectiveness of campaigns, other interventions to suggest better alternatives.
  • Enabling the marketing function to engage in meaningful conversations and get an accurate reflection of the Acquisition process
  • Perform “What If” simulations on customer engagement levers and determine the effect on the outcome of better conversion

 “Singolar” automatically identifies all the influencing factors in underlying data that include customer engagement, demographic, effectiveness of marketing actions to steer the marketing process in the direction of maximizing conversion.  “Singolar” creates great value for your marketing budget with superior targeting of the “leads” / “Prospects” in a  dynamic, real time manner and being capable of adjusting itself based on changing situation and effectiveness of marketing actions.