Singolar” addresses the real challenge organizations are facing in MEASURING, MANAGING and IMPROVING multi-channel customer experience. “singolar”  is taking a Artificial Intelligence approach in deriving OBJECTIVE, PREDICTIVE measurement to every customer interaction and generates actionable insights for companies to create and deliver on specific goals to improve customer experience. Every interaction with a customer counts, making understanding, managing and predicting customer experiences more important than ever before.
Singolar” reviews and rates every interaction in a single channel and omni-channel experience considering the basic factors that matter most to customers. Multi-dimensional views of data are available to allow for the most useful and focused insights.

Existing methodologies for measuring customer experience(CX) like NPS and CSAT scores are not comprehensive and measure customer experience after the fact. With additional interaction channels available to your customer,  the customer experience(CX) needs to be consistent and superior across all channels.

Customer centricity mandates continuous measurement and monitoring of trends in customer experience(CX) in real time across all interaction channels. ”Singolar” uses Big Data technologies, Artificial intelligence , deep learning to analyze millions of customer interactions across every interaction channel in real time.

Singolar” technology enables you to predict customer experience for every customer, a cohort of customers or the whole customer population based on their interactions with the company. Possible future trends in customer experience can be sliced by line of business (LOB), product, customer facing business processes, and interaction channel.

Singolar” creates exciting possibilities for Marketing and Customer Care functions to look at Customer Experience in a seamless manner across the customer base and get suggestions for interventions in the form of recommendations on Systems/ Operations processes for Customer Care and actions including upsells/ cross sells, “churn” for Marketing.