What is Singolar?

Singolar is a variation of the word singularity. Singularity occurs when machines become smarter than humans, and this is predicted to happen within the next 2 decades. Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning have always held great promise for businesses. With the availability of cheap computing power and advent of Big Data, this vision can now become reality. Singolar pushes the boundaries of artificial intelligence to empower a business in a way that was not possible before.

Singolar is based on foundational Artificial Intelligence technology that automatically learns from customer data, is able to predict outcomes, can recommend options for positive outcomes and more! It understands and can respond in the language used by businesses across all levels of an organization (Business Analysts, Marketing, CMOs, CEOs).

The core of Singolar is a proprietary Self Learning Engine that assimilates your data and automatically extracts useful business knowledge from it.

How does it work?

Singolar’s consists of three major components, Data Assimilator, Self Learning Engine, and NLP Dialog Engine.

The Data Assimilator ingests data & starts analyzing when the user points it to a data source. During this assimilation process, the user can specify “outcomes” variables from the data set that matter to them, such as improvement of customer experience, improving lead conversion rates, or improving on other relevant customer metrics. After the data assimilation step, the Self Learning Engine kicks in to learn automatically from the data, without the need for data scientists to create models on the data. After this learning phase is complete, the User Interface with relevant visualizations is automatically generated without the need for technical staff. The platform also includes a NLP Dialog Engine that allows business users to specify dynamic queries in natural language to create on-demand insights and customize their interaction experience.


Self Learning Engine

Singolar Self Learning Engine learns from data automatically without the need for Data Scientists. It also learns continuously as new data become available. Singolar will get smarter over time, as it assimilates additional data. Under the hood, Singolar uses a proprietary logic to do the following:

  • Understand the relationships between the various pieces of data and their influence on business outcomes
  • Feature selection
  • Building and maintaining the underlying predictive models including Supervised, Unsupervised, Semi-Supervised (domain specific business knowledge), and Deep Learning models
  • Suggest “interventions” for steering the business towards the desired goals
  • Evaluate / re-evaluate models for accuracy
  • Provision new models as and when needed (either due to models being not so accurate anymore or the suggested interventions not having their intended impact)

NLP Dialog Engine: Business Language Adapter

Singolar NLP Dialog Engine based on Natural Language Processing includes the capability to understand common terms used by business users in an enterprise and respond accordingly. It understands common business language queries like:

  • What are the projections of customer churn for the next quarter?
  • Why did the call volumes spike up in the last few hours?
  • How can I improve on the Lead conversion rates?
  • What are the specific recommendations on retaining my most valuable customers?
  • What is the monthly trend on handle times?
  • Will my third quarter promotion be effective?
  • What is the click through rates for my targeted advertising initiatives?

Business users can engage in a meaningful conversation with Singolar in literally the same business language that they use with each other. The response to business user requests can be a precise answer with numbers, a qualitative statement or a visualization response.

Data Assimilator

A user can point to data sources & ingest the information using the Singolar Data Assimilator. This component understands various dimensions of Customer data like demographic information, Customer Service Requests / complaints, Product / Service Usage, Customer Products, Customer Billing & Payments, Orders, and Customer Interaction data on various channels (Call center, IVR, Web, Social) etc.. The assimilator is a business friendly tool and is used to specify desired business outcomes like reducing churn, increasing upsells/ cross sells, increasing customer experience and any other user defined outcome criteria.